Benny: as a robot with the primary artificial intelligence, equipped with the best domestic voice recognition technology and is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Through simple network connection, it can communicate with the children at any time and any place.It can replace the mobile phone and tablet PC, not only make the children and parents communicate with each other at any time, strengthen the parent-child relationship, but also reduce the radiation of electronic products to children. At the same time, its operations can be completed through voice, such as voice custom alarm clock, songs, fairy tales, Tang poetry, classical Chinese classics, English and Chinese fast translation, weather broadcast.The overall design is around the elf. The patch part is dealt with striped black cover, which gives people a mysterious sense of science and technology. At the same time, the facial expression is made by LED lamp dot matrix, so a variety of expressions can be made.With an intelligent touch on the head, speech recognition rate is 97% within five meters. It can identify 25 kinds of language emotions. Elf antenna can give light and is able to produce an emotional interaction.

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