Ruggedness is at the core of the GT-500’s design. Although featuring a sleek look and feel, the GT-500 is also tough and durable. It is rated IP-67 and can withstand a 1.5m drop test. Its unique duralumin front bezel provides an extra amount of rigidity to the structure. As an IoT device, the GT-500 adopts a module-based architecture to satisfy various requirements. It also supports expandable functions comprising multiple data connectivity and collection. For example, its integration with a UHF RFID pistol grip allows it to become a long-distance and high-speed multi-tag reader. Thus, it offers more flexibility to various applications like inventory, police use and medical devices and weapons management. With regard to human factors engineering, the GT-500 is constructed with a rubber enclosure and ergonomic bevel edge to fit in a hand comfortably. Thanks to the skid ridges on both sides and the non-slip bumps on the back surface, the GT-500 is skid-proof and glove-friendly. The battery compartment is extremely accessible due to the screw-free latch design. Plus, with the unique Quick Release strap, the GT-500 can be quickly changed with various strap systems.

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