vivo APEX, a full-screen mobile phone featuring an automatic elevating front camera, screen soundcasting technology and half-screen in-display fingerprint scanning technology.

We have made relentless efforts to design a user friendly full-screen phone that could give consumers a fully immersive experience. The screen soundcasting technology and hidden sensors allows for a full-screen mobile phone without any openings, making the immersive the device itself disappears into the experience when using the vivo APEX. The elevating front camera and in-display fingerprint scanning technology appear automatically only when needed, giving everyone a fluent and smooth experience, but usually, vivo APEX can be regarded as a simple but stylish box. APEX is vivo’s splendid interpretation of smartphone appearance design and user experiences consideration in full screen era.
95% of vivo APEX’s materials are recyclable, and the packaging are using the recycled material.

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