The Doro 6050 is less complicated to use than other phones, hence making life easier for seniors who want to enter the world of mobile communication.

By basing aesthetics and functionality on user needs, this phone is equipped with a large screen on the inside and a convenient caller ID on the front, with short cut keys for the easy and fast use of camera, contact preferences, torch and messages.

The large, widely spaced, contrasting dark buttons on white surface has become a benchmark for senior-friendly mobile phones. Seniors will also appreciate the emergency call button for reliable support in unforeseen situations such as accidents. Additionally, the phone offers a soft touch surface for a better grip so it can be handled safely.

The phone is equipping with a user interface responding to the demands of senior users. Due to its action based UI they do not have to struggle anymore, users can simply choose to select “Send Message”.

Furthermore it’s designed to look beautiful both closed and open without compromising functionality. The wedge shaped inner profile is expressing a tactile object that invites the user for an optimized experience of opening the phone.

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