eMeet M2 is a smart assistant for business people which can help them get out of the trivial matters and let conference become intelligent, convenient and efficient. Its design is to show product features of scientific technology and high intelligence which is inspired by flying saucers. The thin and fashionable appearance is more in line with the demand of the business people who are pursuing good taste nowadays. The circular shape, the large vocalization area, 360° omnidirectional calls, four HD microphone arrays of evenly distribution, the touch panel and 8-meter long pickup are all provide users with the communication service of 360-degree clear voice and convenient operation. Surround lights of perfect interact experience can automatically follow the voice location, where someone is talking, where the LED lights light up so that the users have clear and visualized feedback when voice communication, as well as enhance the emotional experience of users. eMeeT M2 supports 24-hour continuous call and intelligent assistants: Siri, Google Now, etc. to direct call. Moreover, with eMeet APP can record, voice to text (automatically record meeting minutes) and translate multi-lingual

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