The Voyager Focus UC is a wireless stereo headset for Unified Communications. High-quality technology offers superior audio for calls and music from mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The headset features active noise cancelling which allows blending out background noise and makes it easy to stay focused in any work environment. At the same time, OpenMic allows users to amplify external sounds with one touch of a button. Thanks to headset’s unique, lightweight over-the-head design with a flexible, padded and robust headband, it provides all day wearing comfort. Pillow-soft memory foam ear pads conform to the listener’s ear, improving comfort and audio performance. On-board sensors create an intuitive user experience, including answering a call by simply putting the headset on and pausing audio when the headset is removed. Dynamic Mute Alert technology senses speech and then alerts that the mute function is still active. Practical voice alerts and centralized controls in one earcup allow for an intuitive handling.

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