Z3 is a ski helmet with an outer shell made of high-strength polycarbonate, and an inner shell made in polystyrene foam with a ventilated structure. A balanced air circulation and the elimination of the moist air is guaranteed by 2 top aerators and 1 back extractor, protected by a stainless steel net in order to avoid any outside intrusion, and conforms to CE 1077- Class A standards. Z3’s soft ear pads are made of thermoformed material and faux leather and protected by net to allow the proper perception of the external noises. The padding is made of microfiber fabric with Microsense technology, which gives to the helmet a delicate softness and high comfort. The addition of hydrophilic treatment 2dry ensures a fast perspiration dispersion and a quick drying, offering a pleasant feeling of freshness. Z3 is also sanitized trough an antimicrobial process, which protects against bacteria and fungus. The graphics are unique and customizable. The decals, durable and thee-dimensional, enrich the graphics of the helmet and are available with a glossy and opaque finish. The coating system is environmentally friendly. Z3 comes with extractable visor, offering maximum freedom to your needs.

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