The SNOW QUAD is a plastic sled which was developed, to provide kids with loads of fun steering and sledding in the snow. This sled was designed with focus on safety so that a three year old child can feel safe and comfortable. Even on difficult terrain the SNOW QUAD is safe on a toboggan run. The reason for this is the large-scale curves which makes it very stable so your kids can concentrate on having fun. The molded body system participates from the common understanding of a quad vehicle that in children generates a high action value (Nomen est omen). Accordingly, the arm was performed, lamp elements complement the concept. At the front of the snow quad there is a stowage compartment with a hinged cover which is great to store stuff you want to secure. Additionally we offer a power option for light, sound and camera accessories. The SNOW QUAD is a fun sled for young family members and complements the wide range of high quality products coming from the German company KHW Kunststoff- und Holzverarbeitungswerk GmbH.

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