The Smart Ski Airbag vest is offering unparalleled safety for Skicross and Alpine Skiing competitors. Capable of detecting an unavoidable fall and inflating in less than 100 milliseconds in order to protect the most sensitive areas before the impact with the ground, it has officially entered the international racing events since October 2015. Approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS), the Smart Ski Airbag in the form of a vest worn under a ski racing suit can detect loss of balance leading to a fall. A revolutionary process that absorbs the shock before the body impacts with the ground, making it an ideal equipment for sports such as Alpine Skiing or Skicross. The intelligence of the system is contained in the In&box (placed in the back of the vest), the veritable “brain” of the airbag. It includes the sensors and the algorithm. The latter can detect an unrecoverable imbalance and anticipate an impact. It analyses the data from the various sensors and then commands the inflation of the airbag. Beyond protection, and when the vest is connected to a smartphone application, it allows the user to obtain data such as their speed, the distance of a jump, or even the GPS route.

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