Forest Skis LOTOR is 2in1 asymmetrical Freeride ski which allows simply by switching left & right ski and back to adapt to different snow conditions or riding styles. An innovative concept of skis, the first of its kind in the world. The use of skis and their behaviour in different snow is a major aspect of decision making when buying skis. At the end of the day, there is a completely different type of snow and terrain on slopes in resorts than at the beginning. Therefore, this ski combines two different geometries for two different styles of skiing and any possible snow condition. Although asymmetrical, skis ride in parallel. By switching them, the ride is either playful with the use of short turn and “newschool” freestyle style or aggressive and fast with the use of long turn and racing style. Instead of carrying two pairs of skis, with LOTOR, skier can enjoy powder or hard snow, or ski in full speed and then enjoy a comfortable ride. The final product is made mainly from: 40% ash/aspen wood from renewable European forests, 30% organic Eco-resin and 10% carbon. The topsheet is a real oak veneer. Awarded with National prize for Design Slovakia and an ISPO MUNICH Highlight 2017.

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