Fimbulvetr represents a new direction in snowshoes. Our mission is to enable superior personal winter mobility.

As hardcore winter enthusiasts we set out to redesign snowshoes from scratch. We found existing snowshoes to typically have many breakable parts, feel detached and constrain movements. To meet these limitations, we aimed to make a stronger, lighter, more durable and ergonomic snowshoe. Therefore Fimbulvetr snowshoes look, feel and work differently than any other snowshoe.

The basic idea is a patented All Direction Hinge, on a thermoplastic elastomer unibody. This innovative hinge distributes force smoothly and silently in all directions. Unlike traditional snowshoes, traversing steep sides and descending are nice experiences. The characteristic honeycomb pattern means maximum floatation and grip, while keeping snow from piling up on top of the snowshoe. The snowshoes are made from a material commonly used in car engines and shock absorbers. It is extremely strong, feather lightweight and endures millions of cycles over a wide temperature range. For improved versatility, we custom made the B4 Binding and the hard biting Fenris crampons. 12 parts in total, 100% recyclable

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