Koroyd – Evolution of Protection, the first fully breathable back protector insert offering first class protection in all weather conditions and at minimum weight. Back protectors can prevent critical injuries, but have always come with a set of disadvantages. Hard shell protectors restrict movement of the user. Foam based protectors are more flexible, but the dense foams result in heavy protectors with little to no breathability. Koroyd builds upon their patented thermoplastic tubular core to bring the next step in Evolution Of Protection: extremely lightweight protectors, that are fully breathable, that withstand hot and cold temperatures, formed in the shape of the spine and flexible to follow your every move. The tubular cores are designed to fully deform upon impact, while the nano skin top sheet spreads the load to incorporate many tubes in the absorption of the kinetic energy. The elegant construction of just two components combines function with a clean design. The protector inserts can be placed inside motorcycle jackets, protector vests for skiers, snowboarders and cyclists and inside protective backpacks and comply with the highest safety standard for back protection.

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