Touring is an increasingly popular activity, while also encouraging non-skiers to enter the sport. Independent of any skiing infrastructure, it gives people more freedom to decide when and where they want to be active in the winter.
While the internal construction of the ski is very important for the performance down-hill, we realized this is only one half of the story. We learned within touring community that accumulation of snow is one of the biggest complaints making the skis heavier on the way up, while also messing up the center of gravity – very important when going up. As a result we designed the skis in a very triangular way, taking cues from a rather old and tested feature — roofs! The angle was carefully adjusted so we gained this functionality while shedding off the ski some significant weight. To achieve the triangular cross section, we have reinforced the whole length of the ski with three carbon tubes, positioned in each of the tips of the triangle. This makes the skis extremely light while still retaining the performance features when going down the hill. We carefully chose also the top surface materiaand paints in order to minimize the from sticking to the ski.

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