Most probably almost everybody in the sport of skiing already made the experience of a certain discomfort. But where most wouldn’t see a way out of the current situation, Nicolas Frey, the founder of the DAHU Sports Company Ltd. and designer by training, has reassessed the entire design of the currently used ski boot models on the search for a solution. However, it was a complicated task to conciliate very much-opposed exigencies such as rigidity and softness, security and comfort, performance and fashion, in order to reinvent something that existed in its conservative form for such a long time.
DAHU found a way and has developed a new generation of ski boots, which does allow its carrier to endure a whole day of winter sports with one pair of shoes only.
The DAHU ski boot has the same capabilities as a traditional ski boot but it also allows you to hike, do some shopping or to visit a restaurant in an unreached way of comfort and an appealing and modern design.

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