The Alpina ESK PRO Racing top-of-the-range boots are designed for cross country and biathlon ski racers. They are easily one of the best, most successful and recognisable product from Slovenia in last decade and they are becoming a classic icon of the design.

Among wider team of experts that developed these boots, the crucial for this solution were Robert Križnar (Product manager), Oton Žakelj (Construction), Jure Miklavc (Product design) and Silva Cimperman (Product graphics). Main goal during development was to increase direct force transmission from foot to ski and ensure more efficient skiing with less effort. A revolutionary innovation in the manufacturing of the boots is represented by special overboot cover with minimalistic and clean design, innovative lacing system and specifically shaped footbed area. The overboot covers the shoe completely. Like tight lining, it surrounds the boot from the sole to the top of the upper edge.

Boots high market share increases every year since begging with cooperation with us and they are used by the top athletes when they score victories in the World Cup, Olympics and World Championship.

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