The V-Class goggle aims to raise the bar in both styling and craftsmanship within the swimming goggles category in order to make a goggle a purchase of desirability rather than just functionality. Particular attention was given to offer superior material quality and finish on this goggle, even down to the packaging that it’s presented in. The goggle encompasses attention to detail with free-flowing design detail, particularly around the lens soft scoop which integrates with the refined strap and adjustment mechanism. Superior anti-fog coating on the lens provides fog-free protection which is 2 x longer lasting than regular goggles. IQfit technology based upon global head scanning research for a leak free, precision fit helps to reduce red marks around the eyes and provides the freedom to enjoy an uninterrupted swim every time a user enters the pool. These 3D seals, engineered to fit the contours of the face, for a secure and enhanced fit, provide excellent comfort compared to most traditional goggles. A reusable, hard wearing storage case is included to keep the goggles protected in between swims.

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