R1, a new swim goggle that takes advantage of ROKA’s new patent-pending RAPIDSIGHT™ technology. RAPIDSIGHT radically expands athletes’ forward field of vision while in the head-down swimming position, so that targets can be sighted with less disruption to form and mechanics. ROKA’s breakthrough comes with major improvements to existing paradigms in goggle design. An innovative process greatly reduces the architecture along the top frame, and creates a retroscopic angle positioned for the forward view. The design principles opens the field of view in the forward movement plane while the athlete is in the optimal, head-down swim position. Benefits of the superior field of view go beyond open water use, allowing pool swimmers of all abilities to better sight the wall while maintaining an optimal body position. RAPIDSIGHT allows the wearer to stay “on the feet” of leading swimmers more easily without sighting due to increased field of view in the front quadrant. This also allows for increased awareness of stroke mechanics. Enhancements to the field of view are not limited to the forward movement plane, as the viewing surfaces of the R1 expand the lateral peripheral field of view.

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