THE MAVERICK X IS A REVOLUTION IN WETSUIT DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE. NO WETSUIT IN HISTORY HAS EVER DELIVERED ON THE PROMISE OF TRUE SWIMMING FREEDOM UNTIL NOW. With the Maverick X, we looked to redefine the performance standard again, and set our target on eliminating the number one complaint about full wetsuits: shoulder fatigue. No wetsuit has ever liberated swimmers from the restriction of a full wetsuit like the Maverick X. It is the freest, fastest wetsuit ever built. Wetsuit patterns in the past were designed in a standing position with the arms hanging down. This was based on centuries of pattern making expertise, scuba, and surfing heritage. When patterns are built with the arms hanging down, it creates resistance and puts unavoidable strain on the shoulders while moving into the starting position of the freestyle stroke – hence the previous marketing obsession with flexibility. We completely re-thought, and re-patterned the Maverick X and changed the way wetsuits are constructed. We inversed the standard pattern-making paradigm that had been passed down for centuries by starting with the arms up.

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