The new Sevylor® Ottawa™ is an aerodynamically designed kayak that is constructed for all types of water. This kayak was created with premium comfort in mind and introduces a new seating construction with Sevylor’s® patented Sevy-Spension™- an innovated design that attaches the seats directly to the inner side chambers of the kayak. Therefore the seats do not rest on the bottom of the kayak, avoiding any deformation in the hull’s shape, and keeps the paddler dry through their ride. Sevylor’s® Seatography™ feature has a quick floor guide for personalized seat placement prior to beginning any trip- turning the Sevylor® Ottawa™ from a two-person kayak to a family kayak with an additional, removable child’s seat. To provide maximum comfort, the Ottawa™ comes with FlexiRest™ seats- with an adjustable backrest, lumbar support and mesh pocket. Additional features like PaddleGrips™, a technology functioning as both a carry handle and paddle holders to freely relax hands while traveling. To prevent leakage, each kayak is fitted with Sevy-Strong™, a heavy-duty tarpaulin hull with more surface area throughout the body of the kayak. Every kayak has a new Dry-N-Store Carry Bag.

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