Mares regulators have a strong reputation for calm, effortless breathing performance. This is in part due to the patented Vortex-Assisted-Design System and the careful development of the size and geometry of the bypass tube. Upon inhalation by the diver, a gentle flow of breathing gas is directed towards the diver perfectly mimicking a natural “open air” situation.
Thanks to significant improvements on the VAD system and bypass geometry the Fusion 52X now pushes the standard in breathing comfort even further! The design of the second stage allows the diver to toggle between two performance settings: the first one offers the calm effortless breathing that has made Mares regulators famous in the world. The other one provides an additional boost anticipating the diver’s demand for more breathing gas under strenuous situations.
Special attention has been paid to the integration of the switch. The innovative design allows a secure and intuitive operation. With its all-metal case, large membrane and intuitive purge button the Fusion 52X is the ideal choice for all divers in all conditions.

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