Developing a good breathing technique is the biggest challenge for beginner and intermediate freestyle swimmers. Many beginner swimmers find an emotional barrier putting their head in the water with the fear of accidently breathing in water. There is no training aid currently on the market to improve freestyle breathing technique and solve the universally recognised problem of breathing properly during freestyle. Arena recognises this and solve the problem with the launch of the new pending swimming accessory: the Freestyle Breather. It’s a very simple product composed by a pair of lightweight “foils” or “fins” that are attached to swimming goggles. FSB prevents water inhalation by protecting mouth and nose from splashes and drops, creates a larger air pocket by enhancing the bow wave, making it easier to breathe and, finally, guides to a better head alignment and prevents excessive head rotation due to the pressure applied on the cheeks, which gives real-time feedback.
ARENA FREESTYLE BREATHER: Breathe freely + better technique = swim easier, faster, for a longer distance and overall enjoy swimming more.

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