1. Natural riding style – The user maintain same swimming/riding style while speeding up. 2. Streamlined propulsion and hands free ridding style – No drag increase with Booster attached to the tank butt. 3. Intuitive variable speed control behind diver’s back – The speed dial is conveniently located near your fingertip when you cruise. 4. Very low noise level – Multiple sound-proof technologies make it quieter than air bubbles out of regulator and become quietest DPV in the world. 5. Submersible system monitoring technology – Computerized built-in multiple safety features monitor each step of the operation. 6. Speedier and more controlled shore exit/entry. 7. Very little equipment weight increase to diver – Highest power(speed) to size ratio in the world. 8. Powered maneuvering against current 9. Designed as a maintenance free unit. 10. Multiple watertight sealing chambers and housings – It is also the only DPV in the world that is fully modulized internally to allow easy service and replacement.

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