The PowerBreather is innovative sporting equipment that allows swimmers to breathe fresh air with every breath. The fundamentally new valve technique is based on an 8 year old patent and was already awarded the ISPO Brand New Award in 2012. After numerous tests and stages of perfecting the AMEO invention in collaboration with Tom Ayton//Aytonlabs, especially under the aspects of ergonomics and design, the product was marketable and ready to go into production in time for the ISPO 2015.

In contrast to conventional snorkels there is no risk of CO2 containing exhalation air remains in the tubes and is reinhaled into the lungs (reciprocated breathing). The PowerBreather’s sequential FreshAir system ensures the optimal oxygen supply over an arbitrary long period of time – even if the intensity of the workout is high.
Since there is no need to rotate for breathing, the swimmer is able to focus on swimming at higher speeds, work on better sensomotoric activity and enable swimming longer distances without getting injured.

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