HIGH-END PROTECTION. 3D-PRINTED IN AUSTRIA. The ZWEIKAMPF shin guard is the world’s first serial-produced 3D-printed shin guard. It combines form and function like none other. The innovative structure of the 3D shell with the unique Y-structure and the “gritty” relief offers optimal impact protection. The so-called Y-structure was not chosen at random. Even 1000 years ago, a hexagonal honeycomb shape provided Samurai fighters with the decisive advantage in close combat. Two layers of the multi-functional XRD® material are behind the 3D-printed shell of the shin guard to ensure protection as well as comfort. Players can also choose to have their name and player number printed on the inside. The optimal anatomy results from 3D scans of innumerable shins. In the pro version, the shin guard will be custom-printed according to the 3D scan of the athlete’s own shin. The ZWEIKAMPF guard’s high performance is packaged in an ideal 75 grams of weight and 7 millimetres of strength. The high-contrast colour design has a challenging effect and provides the player with the right kind of spirit, even in the dressing room.

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