Volans is minimalist running shoes for the beginner runners who are just starting to train his running form with the outsole and midsole shoes which specifically designed for the natural movement of the foot. At Volans 2.0 flexgroove configuration is unique with multi-direction flex, designed to accommodate the natural movement when the foot lands on the ground by optimizing the function of the metatarsal bones and plantar muscles of human toes as the reducer to collision with finer and natural transition motion. And the shape of heel crash pad with large radius makes runners who are used to run with heel strike can adjust his way of running to be more midfoot strike. With a unique upper concept, which has upper structure that uses a single layered mesh with the big hole that support the seamless synthetic leather that is soft, light ,and has enough flexibility which makes the upper shoe can adjust the width of the foot on the needed structured areas, thereby the shoe-fitting remains good and maximizing the air circulation inside the shoes. This makes the shoes are ideal for the runners in the tropical countries.

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