The sport of Swimrun involves participants running and swimming over a cross-country racecourse that involves several transitions between the swim and run stages of the race.

The focus for Colting Wetsuits new wetsuit model SWIMRUN SR02 has been to develop a wetsuit that is optimised for speed and agility on land but at the same time has enough surface power to provide the user with a balanced and optimal position in the water. One major focus area was also to meet the tough design demands of the modern sportsman and together with material of the highest material Colting Wetsuits has been able to develop a wetsuit for the sport of Swimrun that is always best in test in all reviews.

The man behind the brand, Jonas Colting has won six World and European medals in the triathlon and has been competing in the sport since 1991. He has won the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii twice. He has also won the Swimrun world championship OtilO three times and is the only person who has done the race every year since its inception in 2006. He has been highly involved in the development of the sport Swimrun from an obscure phenomenon to an international Sport.

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