“sunglasses EXTREME” or
“SPORILLE” – the ideal solution for outdoor activities and Sport. With this product flügelmacher closes the gap between sunglasses and textile head coverage.

“SPORILLE” is made of only three parts:

elastic frame
multifunctional tube

This concept was first made for myself as a runner, mountainbiker, hiker and aerobatic pilot I craved something that would fit the needs: handy, simple and multifunctional.

the benefits are clearly the high functionality of the product and its design.

the missing sideparts garantee best fit without painfull pressure
not moving around or falling off
extra head coverage or scarf
packageing always with you
cleaning textile always with you
the typical ugly headband for glasses is missing
It’s also working as advertising space
very high in comfort under helmets and headsets for long hour rides

These sunglasses are the perfect “must have” for anybody loving outdoor activities. With this newly developed frame glasses and multifunctional tube are connected and make a perfet match. The handling is very simple and useful.
Glas is bought from Oakley and Revent

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