As time pass by, Taiwan has inherited a rich multi-cultural legacy. Combining the Chinese, Taiwanese and indigenous culture, our jersey has linked the old and past with the latest tech.
First, the national jersey features the iconic traditional Chinese dressing,“Righted Collar”. In this design, the left collar is partially covered by the right collar. We transform this to our new jersey with "oblique neck". It symbolizes the localization of Chinese culture into Taiwan.
Second, geometric graph is commonly used by indigenous people in Taiwan, which is the totem of brave warrior. The cuff is printed with the combination of this totem and TORSTAR’s stars. This lighter/darker watermark features the tattoo marks on the cuff, which empowers the players.
Third, the jersey picks up the shape of Formosa with open mesh and ventilation channels on its back. This kit uses the engineered mesh to recreate the image on the back of players.
This image has double meanings: first, it symbolizes the glory mission that the players take on and second, each breathable mesh demonstrates the expectation from every fan in Taiwan, giving extra support to the players.

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