The EXO-L is a bio-inspired external ligament that effectively prevents ankle sprains, without reducing the freedom of movement or the level of comfort. Making EXO-L great for sports. The EXO-L consists of a shoe-patch and a support-structure, which are connected through a cord that functions as an external ligament only aiding when stretched.

To ensure a perfect fit for every ankle, each EXO-L is based on a 3D-scan. By using custom software and smart algorithms the resulting data is translated into its final shape. Pushing the EXO-L to a higher level in both comfort and functionality. A true form follows function design.

Although the anatomical shape of each EXO-L can be very different, still every EXO-L looks alike. This is achieved by a flexible set of preprogrammed design rules such as set angles and smooth fillets, making it a prime example of mass customisation.

To produce each EXO-L with the needed level of precision and structural performance, a high-end Nylon powder SLS 3D-printer is used. The freedom of form that 3D-printing offers, is smartly used to incorporate a clamcleat, and cord-slot into a single structure.

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