Improved by the most amazing structures in the world: Nature. Architectured for athletes. Sweat is the natural cooling system of the human body and shouldn’t be taken away. Instead, X-BIONIC® supports this biological process and turns sweat into energy. The ThermoSyphon is an advanced development of the 3D Bionic Sphere® System. Thanks to its new design it can be fitted to the individual body and sport specific requirements more precisely. In the channels, sweat changes its physical state from liquid to steam. Based on basic physical principles and the innovation transfer of the classic 3D Bionic Sphere® System, ThermoSyphon is restarting its development. In its channels and canals, ThermoSyphon uses the power of thermodynamics and combines it with gravity. While excess sweat seeps down, humid air is carried upwards by the vapour pressure. The new, y-shaped shape of the channels supports this function. Enlarged total surfaces, refined structures and a new 3D structure optimize the interaction between warm and cold, between wet and dry.

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