D-Force Snow Protector uses D-Force foams to minimize the deviation of impact strength by temperature with its adoption of additives and polymers that allow the adjustment of Tg (glass transition temperature). The protector with its maximized functionalities for winter sports maintains its hardness at a proper level at below zero temperatures and is quite effective in reducing shocks.

As the germs are easily grown in humid places, D-Force Snow Protector uses meshes that are done with anti-bacterial treatment and the D-Force foams that have ventilation grooves to prevent the spread of bacterium due to sweats or snows. It also contains the germs causing bad smells to help hygienic storage.

The soft foams are cut in consideration of the movement patterns of joints and muscles frequently used by the riders who take the risk of not wearing the protector due to its unfavorable fit. The D-Force is divided into two parts that move with a close connectivity with each other similar to the contraction and relaxation of muscles.

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