Runners and cyclists are driven and competitive in nature, whether it is breaking a personal record or placing first in the next race. The Caballero Perform system is designed to create a comprehensive athletic experience for self-monitoring, team training and competition hosting. The Caballero Perform system bridges the gap between an athlete’s body and the digital cloud. By understanding the athlete’s circumstances, it offers real-time coaching as well as navigation advice. With every workout, Caballero Perform creates a multi-dimensional map of the athlete’s performance, body functions and route conditions.

Integrating Industrial and User Interface Design, Caballero Perform is a system composed of a compact heart rate monitor (HRM), a piece of breathable conductive garment and an intuitive smartphone application. The HRM is made to be as lightweight as possible with an effortless attachment mechanism. The conductive clothing is designed to pair with the HRM harmoniously when coupled and conceal the attachment link when decoupled.

With an expanding database of routes and records, Caballero Perform provides a progressive user experience as the athlete strives towards the top.

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