The AIRMOTION AURA Protective Sports Mask is an anti-pollution mask that addresses harsh environmental conditions and worsen air quality that outdoor enthusiasts would face in their day-to-day activities.. AIRMOTION AURA boasts several unique innovation including its unique AIR-IQ Multi-Function Smart Module System that allows the user to interchange between different functional modules such as the AIR-COOL micro-ventilator that provides both cleaner air filtration and assistive breathing as well as tther modules including the AIR-SPA aroma module, AIR-ION ioniser module and a App-enabled breathing sensor module. Its proprietary Adaptive Strapping System allows a more refine and unobtrusive way to wear the mask. Paired with its QUIK-LOCK magnetic locking system, users may simply secure and remove the straps with the lift of a finger. In addition, its choice of high quality materials includes medical-grade silicon and personalised Face Covers allow users to switch between different styles to match their mood and style. At AIRMOTION LABS, we are reinventing the way you breathe and redefining the standards in air health to improve your health and well-being.

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