When creating the „Surfer“, the designers Anna Wang und Vivian Huang were inspired by goddess Nuwa, which is – in early Chinese mythology – credited with creating mankind, reproducing people and inventoring marriage between man and woman. In ancient art, Nuwa is often depicted with a snake body and a human head.

Without tradition, but also without human reproduction and sexual activity, the whole Genesis story would be unthinkable – neither in the East nor in the West. And so the „Surfer‘s“ design was also inspired by the shape of human sperms, which causes women‘s pregnancy and caring for new life.

With „Surfer‘s“ design idea, the myths of the Far East are merging with fertility symbols. This refers to a universal and common human characteristic beside cultural-historic and biological references: The basic need for sexual activity, the fun associated with it and the lust as it’s catalyst.

Thereby the „Surfer“ combines – in a unique way – fascinating design ideas with product‘s purpose and product’s requirements through anatomical optimization of the shape of the vibration unit as well as through the use of fine materials like the silicone made surface.

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