The OMNI box is the revolutionary condom dispenser that allows users to have access to the condom the moment its square foil is taken out of the box.

Victor Chan, the inventor, had a mission to create a product that would encourage protected sex. The application of the condom has long been a hassle and male users reportedly say that the trouble to reaching out for a condom stops them from using one more than the actual feeling of the condom itself.

The box is made with sophisticated engineering with simplicity in mind – it contains a blade at the opening that cuts the square foil uniformly as it is being pulled out of the box while also ensuring the condom does not get damaged.

One of the biggest strengths of this box is that it is designed to be re-used and it encourages sustainability as users can order refill condoms in the future thereby reducing all the box packaging previously required for logistics and retailing purposes.

The overall composition of this box is to give users an experience that is incomparable to anything on the market and takes the use of condoms to a whole new level.

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