The O-WAND® reimagines and reinvents the personal massager. Made from the highest-grade ‘body-safe’ silicone, the O-WAND® is safe, stylish and velvet-soft to touch.

Health and safety was a primary concern, which is why the O-WAND® has been made using medical grade silicone – one of the safest materials around. What’s more, the O-WAND® has full CE certification and contains technology that detects excess heat within the device and will automatically shut down if it overheats.

The O-WAND® is powered by a twin lithium-ion battery pack that helps create an earth-shattering amount of power. At its highest intensity, the O-WAND’s power lasts for over 40 minutes, and well over three hours at lower settings. The waterproof, cordless design also means it can be enjoyed in up to 1.2 meters of water.

The stylish O-WAND® comes with the O-Burst attachment as standard which offers additional texture. Three additional attachments are also available including the O-Gasm which has been designed for men to enjoy alone or in a couple.

In terms of style and luxury, the patented O-WAND® is the ultimate massager, trouncing the other devices in the marketplace with a sleek black and gold finish

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