Monster Bang was designed for modern women who wants more than ordinary in sexual life. It renews the intimacy between couples and adds more fun by rediscovering the possible potential needs of women’s being dominant in sexual relations.
·The unique appearance clearly breaks the adult toys traditional shapes, even ‘SM’ elements was added to the design language to stimulate play, exploration and creativity–to provide an emotional outlets to engage in an unusual sex game intuitively that even ruler and handcuffs are designed to encourage women to play a trick on her mate.
·Curved shape matches women’s physiology to stimulate G spot and the smart heating increases comfort.
·It is paired with MONSTER PUB application to create a unique interaction. An‘immersion operation’ allows users to create real-time changes in vibration when slide on the screen intuitively, which can be stored in the cloud to be replayed and shared anonymously. App-free control is also acceptable–A shared link makes remote control possible anywhere around the world. A community formed by anonymous users to securely share questions, fashion trends and other interesting topics in life.

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