Have You Heard of an Ecological Orgasm? TEATIAMO was born out of an urge to design something timeless and beautiful for bedroom. Sex should be elegant, fun and sensual and you shouldn’t hide it behind closed doors. You should praise it. TEATIAMO® wooden dildos are designed with a mission: sex is a beautiful and aesthetic part of our lives. Not something dark or dirty. It’s fun and straightforward. Every single piece is handcrafted and finished with paraffin wax or organic varnish depending on a wood quality making it one and only ecological choice for your pleasure. All pieces are unique and handmade. Well kept the pieces last a lifetime. TEATIAMO thrives every woman’s and man’s right to open about sex and their sexuality. It overrules prejudices, fears and restraining roles. The owner of the brand, Tea Latvala, wanted to design something beautiful for the bedroom that you could actually leave on the table or anywhere in the apartment without being judged. Born and raised in Finland the designer gets her inspiration from Finnish and Scandinavian nature. The wood qualities come from all over the world making it international and approachable. Every wood has its own spirit.

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