Magic Motion Flamingo is an App-Controlled smart body massager, which designed for couple intimacy. The design idea is inspired by the bird: flamingo. In legend, the flamingo feather will turn into red when in the mating season, this makes the flamingo as the symbol of love and enthusiasm. This is also the reason why we designed a red flamingo. Starting from the top of the head, Flamingo shows a power switch that is easy to control. Further down its curved neck lies a Bluetooth antenna that ensures a powerful connectivity. Inside the vibrator’s body we placed a well-sealed rechargeable li-ion battery fueling a strong yet quite motor. Finally Flamingo wears a high graded medical level silicone jacket. Making it soft to touch, highly hygienic and safe-to-use. Flamingo is integrated with a smart BLE Module, which makes it easy to connect any smart phones with iOS or Android OS. The App enriches the function of the product, change different patterns or remote control from one place to another place. Meanwhile, the App also includes a kegel training course, which can assist ladies to do the pelvic floor training exercises.

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