Beastie’s CECI was designed with simplicity, elegance, functionality and durability in mind. The body is made from a single piece of medical grade stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirroring shine, which gives it a pleasurable smooth sensation. It’s slightly contoured curvature fits snugly in a lady’s hand. Due to its seamless one-piece design, a lot of special manufacturing techniques went into its production. With its rust-resistant and antimicrobial characteristics, CECI can stay clean with minimum and last for years. Concaved control panel allows a comfortable grip while using and easy access to the control button.
The case acts as a protection and for carrying during travel. This case also charges and pre-heats CECI to a desirable temperature for enhanced enjoyment with each use.
Beastie comes with an originally designed function named “AUTO-ORGASM”. It is a platform for recording and sharing play rhythms with a smartphone APP.

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