The Fluffies Smart Pet Tracker is a revolutionary innovation that enables the pet owners to track not only the instant locations, but also the daily activity data of their pets.

With its mini size of 19*44*39mm, the tracker only weights 22g, which is 40% lighter than size 5 Elizabeth collar (fits all cats). Thus, it will not give any sensible burden to all cats and dogs.

The tracker is designed in accordance with IP67 standards. The SIM card is integrated onto the PCBA to avoid water leaking from the traditional plug-in slot.

The physical role of the protective shell is to protect the tracker and fix it onto the collar/harness. A double-layer design is used. The soft and elastic outer layer gives flexibility to the shell to fit on diverse collars and harnesses. The strong and firm inner layer forms the protective frame of the tracker. The shell plays a mental role as well. Two shapes of protective shells are available, the angel and the devil, the two roles that every pet plays during the whole company. So the tracker becomes a fashion accessory of the pets. Pet owners can choose different shells to match their feelings or other outfits of their pets.

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