Cats love spaces sized in their scale, possibly narrow and long…. recognised as a perfect space for their rest and protection.

Reflection on this theme has enabled to explore new forms of movement, designing a pet bed in Betacryl acrylic structure with two open sides.

The peculiarity of this design is the use of slots for the cat to observe the surrounding environment or lie down undisturbed for a comfortable rest. The Cavaliere pedestal in modular stainless steel or, alternatively, the Sire bracket for wall-mounting are used to raise the Tunnel bed from the floor.

Oriented toward a window or a glass door, it transforms into a perfect observation gaze, from which cats can stay observing for hours the surrounding environment.

In order to give Betacryl an essential tone, with no forgetting about durability and endurance, it was chosen the highly resistant acrylic material with a matt white finish, ideal for internal end external environments.
Ramo cushions are available in various colours and textiles to customise the bed and make it more comfortable in cold and hot season.
An easy assembly is still more intuitive thanks to its assembly board.

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