The ladder, with its light-foot appearance, leans against the wall at a slanted angle – creating a modern, casual, and original scratching post look. Several additional features: the bottom sisal post can be scratched and climbed upon from all sides. The lower floors provide openness in all directions. A double floor on top gives the furniture piece a basic symmetry. The product consists of a stable, slender post and surfaces that are perfect for lying on. The ladder requires very little space. This ladder scratching post concept is characterized by a modern sense of lightness which can be ideally incorporated into an existing, contemporary home. Its unique feature is the exchangeability of its textiles. The microfiber inserts for the surfaces can easily be removed and replaced by releasing the screws. The aluminum sisal case for the post can also be easily exchanged. Used materials: 100% sisal, fittings exclusively metal, and birch multiplex plywood. The sisal case of the post is secured in an aluminum substructure which is both stable and slim. The base of the post rests on a robust, white special rubber food. Designs: multiplex birch panel coating white/anthracite: micro

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