Pinnn litter box is inspired by the three-tray sifting system which saves time and cat litters without scoops. However, existing solutions have drawbacks that make this intelligent system unusable. Petion is formed with the mission to make a usable scoop-free cat litter box.

Lift and sift the top tray to separate the waste from the clean litter. Toss the waste and rotate the tray by 90°, and restack the other two trays on top of it.

Main Features:
Nano-coating: we apply nano-coating onto pinnn’s surface. The clots and wastes can be easily removed with the hydrophobic nano material.
Sifting holes: we did thousands of testing to optimize the shape and size of the sifting holes, in order to accelerate the sifting process and increase the compatibility with more cat litters.
Bottom sticks: we design the bottom sticks of each pinnn tray to perfectly fit into the sifting holes, so the jams in the holes can be pushed out when users restack the trays.

What’s more:
The ergonomic handles make lifting and sifting convenient and comfortable. Pinnn’s eclipsical-square outline enables itself to fit into every corner in homes, saving space and creating enough privacy for cats.

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