Based on Internet of things concept, APP improves the operation convenience and user experience. The smart pet feeder carrys forward Petwant consistent minimalist design style, and initiates ” smaller and more frequent meals” and regularly scheduled quantitative dieting habit to avoid various diseases caused by excessive eating.
The innovative revolving top cover reduces the gap between the cover and the body to a great extent, which enhances the feeder’s sealability to ensure pet food fresh and healthy. Visible food tank can help check the food level. Anti-blocking Infrared sensor can avoid excessive food to be dispensed which greatly improves user experience.
It can support multiple mobiles to login but can also share the right to use the feeder with family and friends, so that more people can join to keep pets. APP interface comes with clear instructions and is well-organized, and users can complete instant feeding and scheduled feeding easily, which greatly reduces the difficulty in its operation.
Product material is safe and non-toxic which can ensure users and pets safe comprehensively; while it’s also recyclable and degradable.

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