Obe ProBowl is the first smart dog bowl, designed to help dogs communicate their most critical needs to their human companions. With sensors that detect dietary data, exercise needs & health alerts, what the dog can’t say, Obe ProBowl can. Matter designed Obe to be frictionless for User #1: the dog. No education needed! The bowl is a two-part system with monitors installed in the base to track and alert pet owners to the dog’s activity. Obe can: *Manage care through a system of reminders and alerts *Track, personalize and adjust portion sizes *Monitor for and alert pet owners to abnormal behavior *Track and re-order food (in partnership with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service) Even while actively monitoring, the device is not intrusive for the dog nor does it require constant screen contact for the user. Obe’s smart features are intuitive for users to learn & manage, designed to set and forget so users can go about daily life, alerted only when something is amiss. Just as important for the design team was to create an object that is beautiful in the home, easy to clean and entirely safe. Smart in its attention to detail, Obe keep pets happy, healthy for a lifetime.

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