The NOSEball is a product that can conduct *nosework on dogs.
(*Nosework is a play, exercise that maximizes a dog’s sense of smell, and a method that can fundamentally solve the problems that occur from dogs not being able to use their sense of smell as a result of being brought up indoors.)

It provokes interest with four fun designs, and is made up of TPR material which is used for creating toddlers’ toys, being absolutely harmless to dogs.

Equipped with our company’s *Aroma-chip, not only is it effective in bettering problem behavior, it also allows for nosework activity even without snacks.

*Aroma-chip, clinically tested by professional French pet doctors, based on aroma therapy prescription recipe materials used for treatment, is a Hinoki Cypress chip-type product where a detailed recipe for dogs has been developed and applied, and can be stored inside the noseball and used together.

I will present a true nosework to your dog.

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