The unique comfortable cat tower Former cat tower is placed too much emphasis on to enjoy watching how cats are playing on it, not to take care of cat’s habits. In addition, it is hard especially for women to put poles and boards together with bolts. Our product solved these problems at the same time. The consideration for the cats is as follows. Cats like to look out over from a height and they curl up on there to take a rest. These are why we made cylinder shaped tower. The inside of the tower is narrow and keep minimum incidence of lights, because cats are prefer to stay in dark and narrow places. By using hemp on the body, cats are able to use as craw sharpner. This tower is able to put separatly on the floor, so that even if cats aren’t able to climb up because of their aging or injured, they will love to stay in there long. The consideration for humans is as follows. It is easy to build up, because of lightweight body and boltless stacking. In consideration for indoor spaces, we used the seemless joints and natural material. Because of compact package, it decreases transportation energy. You can buy only the basement, because it damaged faster than other parts.

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