HoofLight is a combination of a hoof pick and a flash light. It helps to manage the horse’s hoof during dark time of the year and in poor lit stables. It also works well as a flash light out on the ride, in the paddock and when examine the horse in general. As it is fully retractable it can always be carried in the pocket, also during riding. The unique electronic solution allows a burn time of at least 14 hours constantly with only one standard AAA battery. This means that the environmental impact will be as small as possible. A rechargeable battery can also be used.
The handle is ergonomically designed and has a steady and non-slip rubber coating, making it easy to work with the hoof pick even having cold hands and wearing gloves.
HoofLight comes in a variety of earth tone pastels and the checked pattern rubber handle provides a direct link to the frequent quilted horse equipment design.
The package and instruction flyer is made out of FSC proof paper and much effort has been taken to construct it in such a way that overspill paper is kept to a minimum during production. As the packing comes in flat sheets to the packing site, the transport volume is as small as possible.

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