A scratcher for cats which can be used according to cats’ preference.
Existing scratchers are usually flat, which cats naturally have to adjust its’ body whenever they want to scratch.
The shape of this item enables cats to scratch at a more relaxed posture, with 3 types of usage; horizontally, vertically, and slope.
The angle of the slope has been decided by examining the easiest scratching posture of cats.
All items are provided with safe silicone to prevent slipping.
Scratchers with anti-slipping silicones are very few although most houses have flooring, which scratchers tend to slip easily.
With this function, the scratcher will not slip or fall even when used vertically.
Also, the item is applied with natural wood printing as to match any interior, a friendly consideration for cat owners.
In addition, it is environmentally friendly by reducing the cardboard as much as possible without disturbing the functions.
The item comes with catnip, which could be sprinkled on the surface to make cats happier, satisfied, and comfortable when scratching.
Thus, this free-style scratcher is a complete original product deeply considered for cats.

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